Oto Useda – HOT ASS (STR8Hell)

Oto Useda - HOT ASS

Oto Useda is a really sexy straight man. He’s got a terrific body and seems so great as he stays on the couch, in only his underwear, groping himself. He immediately pulls his penis and balls from the panties and starts wanking himself. Those hefty balls operate up and down because he wanks. Subsequently Oto moves that he can lay right down and then lift his legs to show his bum. A helping hands arrives as that hot bum is dislayed, and soon gets the panties off Oto. Oto wanks himself because the palms requires some oil and then rub it on the tight gap. That hairy hole appears so tempting as the palms rub over it. Subsequently the palms petroleum Oto’s penis also and wanks it. More oil is drippied on the hot buttocks and a finger pushes to the hole because the penis is wanked. The finger slides deep to Oto’s ass and fucks out. His penis gets hard and nice too because it’s wanked. Together with the gap looser two palms are pushed indoors to softly fuck. Oto requires it soon feels that a thumb shoving into his pit. Subsequently the hole actually has elongated as a fat toy is then pushed deep within. The toy fucks his ass as his penis is wanked too. Oto ends up, on his knees. He reaches to tug his bum because the toy fucks to his bum. It works deep in his pit Oto turns repeatedly. Then he wanks himself, becoming is dick rock hard. He keeps up his wanking till it releases his warm cum on that hot body.

Oto Useda

scrin_Oto Useda - HOT ASS

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