Obedient Slave & Marcus Rivers Serves Dominic Pacifico (BoundGods)

Obedient Slave & Marcus Rivers Serves Dominic Pacifico

Marcus Rivers is new new to Kink.com. Now he’ll learn the fundamentals of servitude. He is here in order to serve his Dom, Dominic Pacifico. He should follow his every command and accept all of the punishment awarded to him. The very first scene begins with Marcus on his knees at the corner of a darkened dungeon. He begs to be summoned to his Master, Dominic Pacifico who stands quiet peeking a leather paddle into his leather gloves. Dominic calls Marcus above and begins his coaching. Dominic informs Marcus to eliminate all of his clothing and also inspects his wiry nude body. Dominic slaps Marcus’ buttocks with all the leather paddle till it turns bright pink. Dominic gets Marcus put on the ground and tells him to work with his tongue and then wash his leather boot up. Marcus licks Dominic’s boot and also operates his tongue all the way up Dominic’s leather trousers while getting hammered in his butt with the paddle. Dominic unzips his leather, then pulls his cock and pushes it Marcus’ mouth. Dominic fish-hooks Marcus together with his left finger and fucks his encounter. Within another picture, Marcus stands with his hands tied to his back with ankles shackled to chains maintaining his thighs spread. Dominic catches his flogger and starts hitting on Marcus’ entire body. He starts out mild then turns up it, making Marcus shout and shout. In the last scene, Marcus is on his hands and knees, then bound with his own wrists and ankles into a wooden stage. Dominic is supporting his own hard cock while licking Marcus’ asshole. Marcus catches a local candle and starts slowly dripping it on Marcus’ rear and buttocks which makes him squirm and fight without where to move. After Dominic determines he’s had enough, he also chooses his cock and pushes it Marcus’ tight buttocks and starts pounding. Marcus’ feet curl and that he bites down hard to the ball-gag because his bum gets a hard fucking in the guy double his size.

Obedient Slave , Marcus Rivers , Dominic Pacifico

scrin_Obedient Slave & Marcus Rivers Serves Dominic Pacifico

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