No Whining – Angel Rivera & Danny (SpankThis)

No Whining - Angel Rivera & Danny

It is laundry day for Angel Rivera and even to his surprise, even while stuffing his filthy’s from the washer he discovers his favourite top stained with red wine! The ONLY offender can be fresh roommate Danny Nelson. He predicts his roomie into reveal Danny the filthy damage he has caused. The adorable kid apologizes and also offers to purchase Angel a brand new shirt, however Rivera would preferably extract his raunchy resurrection on Nelson’s back end! Angel licks on the very small twink within the drier and has busy breaking on that gorgeous booty! It is sweet discharge for Rivera who calls out each crime Danny was left because he has moved in. Despite each ass smack becoming more intense as Danny’s drawers fall to the ground, somehow the gorgeous boy manages to complete an apology. From the close of the penis rapid-fire punishment, Danny’s derriere is beet red; AND, if Rivera spreads the plump rump, seems mature for a fucking! )

Angel Rivera , Danny

scrin_No Whining - Angel Rivera & Danny

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