Nate Donaghy & Henrik Bjorn Jambo Africa (BelAmi)

Nate Donaghy & Henrik Bjorn Jambo Africa

We’ve got just a small change of pace in Tuesday’s scene with Liam and Pip, however the frequent thread we’re seeing is that boys are boys, and they’ll end do just what they wish to, regardless of what their’directions’ can be. Phillipe has ascertained Nate and Henrik are a little too light and require a tan until they can begin filming, obviously, they can not help but run away to get a fast fuck whenever his back is still turned. Now at least they appear to eliminate this and return where they’re supposed to be until Phillipe yields.

Nate Donaghy , Henrik Bjorn

scrin_Nate Donaghy & Henrik Bjorn Jambo Africa

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