MormonBoyz – Elder Dudley & Elder Ence – COMPANIONSHIP STUDY

Elder Dudley and Elder Ence can’t seem to keep their hands off each other.

After weeks of flirting from afar, hot rule follower Dudley chose sexy rule breaker Ence as his mission companion at transfers and the two young boys finally find themselves in the same bedroom together.

Dudley, who had never had much interest in guys was filled with all sorts of new desires after his recent interactions with the men of The Order. And after he got a glimpse of Ence’s tight body in the shower after pday basketball, it seemed like Elder Ence was all he could think about.

And though he had tried not to, the young Elder Dudley had spent many nights imagining himself with Elder Ence in all sorts of compromising positions.

He didn’t touch himself, because despite all that he had been through recently he still felt guilty about masturbation. But he felt his erection press against his sacred underwear as the image of Ence’s tongue running the length of his hard shaft, swirled around in his head.

Now, to Dudley’s surprise, he’s getting the real thing. It’s their first night alone, and within minutes Ence jumps into bed with Dudley, asks him if he can keep a secret, and then fills his mouth with Dudley’s throbbing cock.

Dudley realizes this crush is bigger than he thought. It’s not just Ence’s incredible ability to fuck that makes Dudley swoon, it’s his deep voice, his self assured laugh, even the way his body smells as he sweats and pushes against the young boy.

And tonight, as he feels the head of Ence’s massive cock pushing against his tight asshole for the very first time, he finds himself thinking this is what it could be like every night. He and Ence could run away together and really be with each other.

Dudley knows that soon, he will continuing his initiation into the sacred Order, but for now, he forgets about the Brethren, he forgets about everything other than the feeling of being completely filled by Ence.

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