Michael Shores & Timmy RAW (ChaosMen)

Michael Shores & Timmy RAW

Timmy was operating HARD this past week! Michael Shores is flexible in bed, however using his incredible ass, I actually was trying to see it becoming fucked correctly. I assured him he can show-off his Topping abilities. Together with Timmy’s ample penis, I knew it’d fit perfectly inside himand he’s such a fantastic Top. He had a rest after tackling Carter Sloan’s huge cock before that week. Michael was just a little nervous before getting fucked. Timmy squeezed his prick till he was tough, then fingered his hole before he was excited for him to fuck him. In that very first couple of minutes of getting fucked, Michael remained soft. Apparently getting fucked in his back isn’t his preferred. Rather he likes to ride a prick, and sure enough that he was hard when riding Timmy’s dick. Between standing fluctuations, Michael will stink clean Timmy’s prick, making it additional moist so that his cock would slip in simpler. Timmy loves fucking in a spoon position, therefore that he wished to create Michael cum like that. Timmy strikes him from different angles, but finally settles to a slow rhythmic fucking motion, while stroking Michael’s penis. He gets Michael cum this means, then Timmy easily unleashes gobs and gobs of their cum, additional coating Michael’s entire body together with jizz!

Michael Shores , Timmy

scrin_Michael Shores & Timmy RAW

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