Micah Martinez and Nick Wood Trade Raw Hard Fucks (DudesRaw)

Micah Martinez and Nick Wood Trade Raw Hard Fucks

Micah Martinez is a hot stud having a gorgeous slab of thick ebony male beef. After Superman-tattooed father Nick Wood quits kissing Micah long enough to pare his shorts down and launch the monster, he desires that meat into his mouth and anyplace else. Nick rips his shorts down and grinds his mushroom-headed dick against Micah’s. Micah’s sculpted face and trimming beard are an ideal match to his hairy buttocks and lengthy, low-hanging balls. ) These are just two hot studs that are hot for one another. Micah reveals his admiration by sucking on Nick into the bristly origin of the large meaty rod. The candy pleasantries are more than and the two studs wish to return into uncooked, skin-to-skin fucking. Nick facilitates into Micha’s hungry hole and following a couple of pumps literally moves them over until Micah is riding and squeezing his buttocks onto bare penis. His rigid prick and thick nuts dip punctually with feverish cock riding. It is such a hot sight and deep feeling that Nick needs a bit of this fuck activity because of his very own prepared buttocks. Micah lbs in and slams his balls Nick’s pink gap Nick dollars and backs to each challenging stroke. His encounter is more faraway and deep in becoming bred. Both fuck studs are an totally meshed machine making certain cocks and asses are aroused into the greatest feeling of mansex. Nick’s hole is tattooed, milking Micah’s penis and priming the pump to get a submerged cum eruption. Nevertheless, it’s Nick which can not wait, eyes and buttocks, balls and penis in excellent manipulation to spurt his thick load. Seeing his marijuana pulsing and spasming having a profound full-body orgasm, Micah brings out and pushes a thick flow onto Nick’s hole which melts a well-fucked buttocks.

Micah Martinez , Nick Wood

scrin_Micah Martinez and Nick Wood Trade Raw Hard Fucks

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