Massage Scene – TwinksInShorts – Tomas DeCastro and Alessandro Katz

TwinksInShorts – Tomas DeCastro and Alessandro Katz
Big, blonde and gorgeous muscular hunk Tomas DeCastro has formed an intriguing and improbable friendship with slim twink Alessandro Katz. Obviously, it helps that Alessandro lusts to get Tomas, who’s well informed of that the “hero worship.” While chilling out together 1 day, the conversation turns into the field of massage. An individual can just imagine how sexy and excited slim Alessandro needs to feel as though Tomas offers to provide the twink that the 1 thing he has wanted all out of as soon as he has set eyes to the blonde bomb shell. Tomas, dressed in an attractive white and yellowish jock-strap, wastes little time in getting his fingers slick with acrylic. Then proceeds to set his enormous on the job Alessandro and work his human body slow and nice.

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