Lion Reed & Avi Strider (BearFilms)

Lion Reed & Avi Strider

Dive In: If you are in love with your very best buddy, it does not matter what you do. Something as straightforward as hanging out in the swimming pool is unique since you are together. Bearded Lion Reed along with swarthy otter Avi Strider are not precisely boyfriends — at the least not that they have told us but they sure act like this, what with their familiarity and key gazes. After lounging in sunlight and drifting on the ground they dip right into bed and begin making out. Lion sets his desire, manhandling swarthy Avi, that obviously enjoys being commanded by the larger guy. Actually he does not even put up a struggle once Lion rolls up his legs in the air and melts in, tongue , rimming and then spit-lubing that the otter underside. And after Lion slips that uncooked dick indoors Avi, the furry person enter orbit. He definitely wants that cock, wants to be fucked bareback, also needs Lion’s load. After shooting Avi and pushing himthe light giant sprays his seed around Avi, that subsequently whips out one Lion palms his hole, then taking possession of the one particular location that would create any top desire to dip in.

Lion Reed , Avi Strider

scrin_Lion Reed & Avi Strider

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