Lion Reed and Luis Vega – Sex Days (BearFilms)

Lion Reed and Luis Vega - Sex Days

Lion Reed and Luis Vega have very busy schedules nowadays. They issue is they are constantly sexy and do not necessarily want just knock off. Yes, getting away with a fantastic solo session is great but it’s such a waste of cum. So what are two hot bears do to make sure they do not have a bad case of blue balls? They construct gender days in their own lives. It is like date night, just with of the lovey-dovey pretense as occasionally, they will need to cut to the chase. And now’s the day! Starving and excited for this particular fat dick, Luis goes on Lion such as he has not eaten in months. Lion catches hold of the trunk of Luis’s mind and fucks his encounter however Lion desires more. Luis provides up his bum Lion to consume and the beefy hunk slathers the hairy hole together with spit before lifting Luis and slipping in raw. Luis requires a nice thumping then proceeds to reveal just how much he loves the throbbing shaft by bucking his hips up to match Lion’s downward thrusts. Following a little buttocks -into -mouth to glossy up that cock a few more, the chunks deep bareback fuck persists. Every one of these chooses what they need…Lion carrying hole, Luis carrying penis. . .until all these reverted with heavy loads.

Lion Reed , Luis Vega

scrin_Lion Reed and Luis Vega - Sex Days

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