Lion Reed and John Thomas – Wet Bears (BearFilms)

Lion Reed and John Thomas - Wet Bears

On a hot summer afternoon, Lion Reed and John Thomas choose to cool down at the pool using actual -life bunch Dean Gauge and Luis Vega. However, you know how it really is. You can not simply cool . As soon as you reach the water you need to dab and have a little bit of fun! The citrus bunch choose to get a relay race, to determine which few is quickest. Lion and John triumph, then visit the living area to wash off. There, both moist bears take turns on each others large beef, sucking penis like starving cubs. Lion, no more able to wait around for the most precious of morsels — pink fuckhole — primes John having a great rim job, spit-lubing and getting him prepared for a bareback fuck which makes them moist, once , and prepared for some essential release!

Lion Reed , John Thomas

scrin_Lion Reed and John Thomas - Wet Bears

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