Libertines – Daniel Marvin & Pedro Andreas (UKNakedMen)

Libertines - Daniel Marvin & Pedro Andreas

It is nearly dawn as both libertines come back to the manor in the night of carousing. Rampaging has taken its toll also Pedro is requirement of a foot kiss, which contributes to a groin beverage, which contributes to… well you can imagine can not you? Layers of clothes are lost because they grapple and grope each other within their desire for muscle and flesh. Pedro’s overly impatient to eliminate Daniel’s Long Johns and rips them to obtain entrance to Daniel’s yummy hole, breathing at the musk because he buries his head between the ideal orbs of all arse, probing with his tongue that was hot, making it wet and slick, ready for because of his thick, throbbing penis. They reverse -flop fuck their solution to cluttered, wet cum shots, splattering others’ bristling chests with fantastic gobs of cum. As dawn breaks both heros melt right into a fulfilled slumber at the sumptuous surroundings of the elegant house.

Daniel Marvin , Pedro Andreas

scrin_Libertines - Daniel Marvin & Pedro Andreas

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