Koby Lewis & Teddy Torres AGGRO2 Scene 1 Boy Destroyed (UKHotJocks)

Koby Lewis & Teddy Torres AGGRO2 Scene 1 Boy Destroyed

Dark and surly Teddy Torres sits and waits for a willing sub to enter the Aggro pit. Blue jock and harness contrast hard against the almighty red glow of the lights, shimmering steel and chunky chains that dominate the mood. He’s hard and ready to fuck something! In walks cute-as-pie but downright filthy Koby Lewis. Don’t mistake his size and stature for weakness, Koby can take a serious rough-housing along with the biggest of muscle boys, in fact he fucking loves it. Teddy grabs him by the jaw and brings him eye to eye to take a closer look. After a few seconds of hesitation, he spits directly into his sweet little face, setting a precedent for the rest of this session! No fucking mercy! Teddy is going to put him through his paces, to test and break some of his limits. ‘Eat my pits, choke on my dick, bend the fuck over!’, Obedient Koby doesn’t argue or hesitate, this is all about his masters pleasure. Putting him through a serious face-fucking, making him gag, gasp and drool uncontrollably, his only breaks are to be brought face to face and spat at, time and again. Upside down throat fucking, head hanging over the edge of the box, Teddy stuffs his thick cock down his gullet while he soaks him in more saliva and throws some chest punches into his furry pecs. Dragging him over to the hanging tyre, he’s bent over and his arse is now the subject of Teddys desire. Spitting and stuffing some fingers in, he needs to loosen the boy up before he can obliterate that little hole with his solid curved cock, a warm up is about as close to mercy as he’s going to get! Koby wails and grunts… but not half as much as he does when Teddy slides his fat and juicy dick into his fuck-hole. A few slow strokes and then we’re straight into BANG BANG BANG, harness in full double grip and yanking him back with every thrust, there is absolutely no getting away from this fuck. Flip up and over on to the box, Koby’s pert little butt is hanging over the edge, that’s all Teddy needs really. A continual pace of intense and unrelenting fucking, Teddy has an incredible amount of energy… and both guys with stamina to rival any athlete.

Koby Lewis , Teddy Torres

scrin_Koby Lewis & Teddy Torres AGGRO2 Scene 1 Boy Destroyed

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