Kelso (CorbinFisher)


New freshman Kelso maintained talking about working with his crotch rocket but I do not believe he knew exactly what WE believe a crotch rocket! Kelso used to play baseball, ran track and played basketball, as well as driving bikes. He is also to working on automobiles. When he speaks, you can envision him shirtless out to a drive, tools distribute, also Kelso becoming sweaty and greasy because he operates. Kelso still finds the time to get sweaty from the bedroom also. This slender and fine stud is only but handles to hookup three or even four times every week. He enjoys girls’ butts and enjoys anal sex with women – so finally we could convince him man’s asses are much better! Kelso was approximately 12 if he slough off, and jerks away a few times weekly. He likes to consider fucking a woman from behind. Among the most memorable sexual encounters was in a buddy’s wedding he took a woman into the vehicle and fucked her, and then they moved back indoors for the remainder of the reception. Kelso includes good shoulders and fine flat buttocks. Better still, a lengthy dick and a few low-hanging balls. Kelso believes his very best attributes are his waist that are pretty amazing too. Kelso has not cum in 2 weeks, so he is prepared to float! He sits on the sofa and strokes his penis. His dick is thick and long and tapers in the mind. He yells and then pinches a nipple as he jerks his penis. Kelso even dominates his ass a bit – so perhaps getting him to perform with a different man is not overly far-fetched! He tugs his balls and then strokes quicker. Eventually, Kelso blows off a thick load all over his stomach. Now that is the sort of lube job that I enjoy!



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