Kellan & Vance Fool Around (CorbinFisher)

Kellan & Vance Fool Around

Kellan and Vance are fooling around at the playground, since Vance attempts to score some additional points by instructing our veteran a thing for a shift. Kellan prefers to be the instructor, however, and requires a difficult pass studying how to “slip” and instead goes the activity back into the sack. These two ripped, and hot studs do not waste any moment, tearing one another’s trousers off before investing in a few hot oral action. Kellan provides Vance the very best, sloppiest blowjob he has had in his own life, before pushing his cock Vance’s mouth but that is only one hole that he would like to plunder! Kellan takes full charge of this circumstance, hammering his slenderhot body from Vance’s muscles and getting his way with him. Both of both of these wind up fully spent after their romp in bed – and that is what we call a fruitful excursion to the playground!


scrin_Kellan & Vance Fool Around

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