Karel Opec SPANKING (STR8Hell)

Karel Opec  SPANKING

Sexy straight man Karel Opec is shackled and gagged, wearing just his underwear. He’s on his knees bent if his tormentor arrives and starts to spank his buttocks, pulling up the panties to a wedgie. Those sexy ass cheeks have been rubbed and spanked since the panties rubs again Karel’s hole. The hands reach down and catch Karel’s balls and then keep to spank his buttocks. Handprints reveal on the buttocks since it’s spanked. Then panties is pulled apart to reveal Karel’s hole. Afterward ass is spanked a little more and whipped too. Then panties is pulled and the buttocks cheeks are fine to demonstrate the open hole well. The buttocks cheeks redden because the thick hands property on it. Karel moans and writhes because he believes that the soreness on his bum. When his bum is dispersed the pit gapes . Oil is dripped on the fingers and hole rub it. The lips are parted and the pit opens to allow a finger slide deep within. The finger slides from all of the way up into the last knuckle and fucks the hole. It seems really nice and soon two palms are fucking deep within. Karel has been flipped over, on his shoulders, with all the buttocks in the atmosphere. It’s spanked also a thumb is pushed deep inside. Karel yells and keeps shifting but that he cant prevent the palms. Subsequently a thick vibrator is pushed to his hot hole. It moves in deep and remains there because the butt is spanked. Subsequently the toy arrives and can be pushed straight back into fuck that hot hole. It fucks out and in, moving in all of the way. Karel takes it along with his gap opens up so readily to take everything. Then he’s release out of his shackles and lays his back to wank his cock. The palms play with his nipples because Karel wanks himself. Since his dick is rock hard and ready to cum the vibrator is pushed right into his cock and then fucks him hard. Karel’s wanks gets quicker as his pit is fucked and that he shortly provides his cum.

Karel Opec

scrin_Karel Opec  SPANKING

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