Justin Alexander and Shane Hirch (TwinksInShorts)

Justin Alexander and Shane Hirch

College campus jock Shane Hirch is at it again. Already popular with the gay twinks, he’s yet another admirer in the shape of Justin Alexander. The slim young man lays down face Shane’s bed, so anxious to believe that the stud squeezing his youthful body. And now Shane doesn’t disappoint! His hands tight with oil, Shane provides Justin that the twink massage he is known forheat Justin’s sweet hairy buttocks and playing that hole that is all but begging for cock! Working his hands in and from Justin’s asshole, Shane moves the twink open, hammering the puckered entry before turning him onto his spine, and functioning the fat, uncut penis till Justin does no more return. Justin catches hold of his very own thick penis and strokes himselfmilking a massive, tacky mess from his balls. )

Justin Alexander , Shane Hirch

scrin_Justin Alexander and Shane Hirch

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