John Henry & Drake Tyler (BrokeStraightBoys)

John Henry & Drake Tyler

John Henry and Drake Tyler happen to be with BSB for decades so they have a good base to utilize as they kick off their landscape with a hot workout session. Drake pulls John’s feet , wrapping his lips across John’s feet and licking at his toes until leaning in for more kisses and yanking John’s trousers off. Drake’s mouth extends instantly John’s waiting penis, catching it between his lips and deepthroating it, using a break to lick at John’s balls until standing around allow John suck his shaft adjacent. John conducts his tongue up and down Drake’s cock, taking it down his neck into the origin since he cups Drake’s balls with his hands till Drake can not stand it gets John onto the bed, legs apart and ass prepared to shoot him Drake buries himself at that tight hole. Bareback, Drake fucks John difficult and quick, pushing him John plays his very own dick while he awakens for Drake who dominates that candy ass. John gets onto his belly to shoot Drake’s penis from another angle but ends up on his back as Drake chooses him any way he desires his uncooked dick buried deep interior John because he functions that cum straight from John’s hard dick. Drake gets into a couple more great thrusts before pulling out and incorporating his very own hot jizz to squirt of cum round John’s torso!

John Henry , Drake Tyler

scrin_John Henry & Drake Tyler

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