JJ Knight & Justin Matthews DP Levi Karter (CockyBoys)

JJ Knight & Justin Matthews DP Levi Karter

Up to now JJ Knight is worried three might be the best amount, particularly if it entails Levi Karter & Justin Matthews, two men he has long wished to have scenes using. Thus, Cocky Boys makes it occur, with all the men adding a few DP actions into the mixture. Initially it is only JJ & Levi making out while Justin sits supporting them yanking his prick watching the series. His gaze is locked on this of JJ who enjoys being viewed, but also wishes to observe. He pushes Levi on to suck Justin while he sees. Levi ends on men to the maximum as he proceeds into deep throat Justin who subsequently watches JJ stroke his monster penis. Inside moments Levi is moving back and forth sucking on both men and also on his knees nearly sucking on them two at one time! With very little feat JJ moves Levi to dedicate most of his oral care on Justin’s penis while JJ functions over Levi’s hole with his hands and mouth. Shortly JJ takes his penis and Levi is spit-roasted plus that he takes it as he is fucked with just 1 leg onto the floor. It is JJ who wants just a small rest while Levi is prepared to ride his penis. As he can Justin stays portable, getting sucked by JJ at one side and then bounding into very front to suck Levi and have hauled back. Once again though it is Levi that proposes another move: he needs two cocks at exactly the identical moment! The diameter of JJ Knight can replicate this because of triple-penetration but whatever you call it Levi expertly chooses JJ & Justin deep. When they change positions Levi keeps it moving without a trouble. The men are on the border now so that they proceed to the mattress along with JJ & Justin swap areas at spit-roasting Levi on their back that they virtually cum the same time. JJ brings out to provide Levi a decorative and over minutes Levi shoots his load followed closely by Justin rocketing his cum Levi’s torso) The spent men discuss some Last kisses but also a lasting relationship

JJ Knight , Justin Matthews , Levi Karter

scrin_JJ Knight & Justin Matthews DP Levi Karter

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