Jamie & Brodie Behind the Scenes (SeanCody)

Jamie & Brodie Behind the Scenes

Jamie is obviously so lively. He had been performing the breaks, and revealing just how flexible he had been by placing his wrists beneath his head. “You understand,” I stated. “It is amazing you could do this and …””I understand,” he stated with a huge grin. He understood where I was heading for this. “You are likely to be fucking him now,” I said, gesturing toward Brodie. “So we are going to be placing some of the other abilities to use!” Man, Jamie was enthusiastic! I believe Brodie has been a bit more trepidatious. He had not had a good deal of experience getting fucked. I believe he believed it was likely to damage. “Well, be easy for me…” he joked. The link between the a few of these was excellent. Jamie was becoming Brodie to join on the somersaults and they had been doing some pretty insane acrobatics earlier the fucking actually began. However, Jamie needed to fuck so he took control. It was fine to find this in addition to becoming a bottom, Jamie is also a potent shirt!

Jamie , Brodie

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