Jack Harrer & Henrik Bjorn Jambo Africa (BelAmi)

Jack Harrer & Henrik Bjorn Jambo Africa

To maintain the hungry horde of Jack lovers from beating me around the forum to get a deficiency of Jack, now we now have his spectacle Henrik Bjorn. As you’ve observed within our documentaries, the boys are kept well dressed and respectful while on those major production excursions, however Jack is, and always was, a tiny rebel (that’s my nice method of saying somewhat pig-headed sometimes ) and has made a decision to attempt George’s patience somewhat by filming unshaven along his ear matter in… Given just how much you seem to love him, we did not believe it is going to truly matter, so here’s your spectacle and you’re able to judge for yourselves… When he get is less than 4.5 here however, we’ll take a skin graft from his foreskin to match the gap in his ear however. (just kidding)

Jack Harrer , Henrik Bjorn

scrin_Jack Harrer & Henrik Bjorn Jambo Africa

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