HotHouse – The Trainer – No Excuses – Micah Brandt & Alex Mecum

Alex Mecum is lifting weights in the gym along with his friend, Micah Brandt. Micah promises Alex a gift if he could do 30 reps of bench pressing. Alex takes the Struggle and the 2 studs continue their Work out until The chemistry from the atmosphere is overbearing. The ground of the gym since they tighten their bulging shorts and also assist each Other from the tight tops. Already dripping beast of a cock, and Micah immediately follows peeling Off the remainder of his workout equipment. Makes Micah’s water. He Falls to his knees until he takes the Large Each of the cock sucking makes Micah Tough as a rock. Both muscle studs 69 on the Fitness Center Gear Because they suck and gag Mind and he understands he wants to get Micah’s bubble ass ready for your own Activity. Following a long rim session, Alex May Feel that Micah is Available and ready for Entrance and invites Micah to sit down on his Large throbbing cock. Micah wants maximum Insight to his loosened-up Asshole and lies on his back to a gym mat to ensure that Alex can fuck him even deeper. The horny studs go at it Difficult until Alex’s more primal Instincts kick in and he rolls Micah on the mat. Alex wraps his Enormous Bulging biceps around Micah and dominates him because he fucks his hole right into submission. Micah’s eyes roll in the back of his Mind and he dumps His load of cum all on the gym floor as Alex retains the relentless pounding. Micah’s Butt feels amazing as Well as the internal throbbing Sense Of Micah cumming around the ground is all it takes for Alex to dump his load. He pulls out and covers Micah’s smooth, muscular back Using a Gigantic, pent-up load of jizz.

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