Head Helper – Elye Black & Ryan Jordan (NextDoorBuddies)

Head Helper - Elye Black & Ryan Jordan

Stumbling upon roomie Elye Black messing up with all the shower parts, Ryan Jordan inquires if he wants assistance. Elye informs him that the mind needs care, also Ryan nods, although he is admittedly not considering shower components. Moving closer, so he enables Elye understand his motives, and Elye amounts the shower may wait. Allowing Ryan have his way with himhe relents and they earn their way into the bedroom. After there, then Ryan gobbles up Elye’s penis, downing it into the bottom and consuming it. Later Elye returns the favour, he informs Ryan to fuck him along with his hard penis, bending him and fucking him doggy style. Elye reaches and strokes himself Ryan matches his pit with stiff penis, and if he climbs Ryan to ride, then he’s got to brace himself with all the headboard simply to take as much dick. Ryan fucks Elye nicely, until he is nearly ready to cumbut a fantastic fuck session is not complete until both men have had a twist, therefore Elye stands up and slips his dick deep within Ryan, beating him Ryan strokes his enormous cock till it gushes around him. Elye sees this and pulls out, hammering his load around Ryan’s hole. Founded in cum, Ryan likely wishes that he could have a bath, although the price of being dirty was completely worth it.Enjoy!

Elye Black , Ryan Jordan

scrin_Head Helper - Elye Black & Ryan Jordan

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