Harper Taps Truman’s Ass

Harper really knows how to appreciate a guy. He compliments Truman’s body, looking for any excuse to touch his washboard abs and strong biceps. All this attention starts turning Truman on. Seeing the movement in his shorts, Harper pushes things further.
He kisses his neck and arms. Then he has him flex his strong legs, adoring the effort he’s put forth at the gym. Soon they’re making out and Harper is rubbing on Truman’s dick while licking every muscle he can get his mouth on!
By this time Harper’s rock hard and Truman sees that big dick is fit for sucking. Then Harper goes down on Truman, switching back and forth between eating him out and sucking on his cock and balls. The moans get louder and then Harper is ready fuck!
After feeling all those muscles, he knows Truman is strong enough to take a strong plowing. In the end, all those muscled jock is left covered in cum!

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