Gordon (ChaosMen)


Gordon is a chef, and it has worked all around the nation. He’s been operating for quite a while to get a costly and effective Italian restaurant. He’s not looking to earn a living from pornography, I believe he’s simply sexually interested. Gordon is in to girls, but after performing a 4-way in which he acquired his ass fucked, he recognized that he could actually have a penis. He spent in toys plus they have larger over the past year or so. We chose a toy for them to work with, and I normally steer the men into the vibrating butt-plugs due to the fact that they remain in and struck the prostate just perfect. He’s his solo and naturally receives the toughest when he rolls out the rather compact butt-plug inside his ass. After doing the majority of the movie, Gordon laid down on his back, and then he turned to me personally to inform me that he actually wanted the largest toy I’d. He’d pointed out that the tremendous one if we had been rifling through the many toys prior to the movie part, agreeing that it appeared near the one that he used in the home. Wil cameras rolling, I hurried down the hallway to receive it, slicking it up with lube along the manner. I snuck it on the side table . He reaches it, and without hardly a sign of difficulty receives the toy completely indoors, ever so marginally fucking himself . Gordon couldn’t do this long however. He lodged it deep within him immediately shoots his load. And it’s fairly the load also! This was a surprise given the humble butt-plug we began with. He is of the brain,’Bigger is Better!’



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