Fetish Scene – WilliamHiggins – Jirka Mendez & Roman Madlec RAW – BONUS – KINK

We’ve Got a Excellent bonus Collection in Str8hell.com, starring Roman Madlec and Jirka Mendez. He’s luggage. He discovers things which will need to be clarified. He determines that Prior to Roman can travel together with the things he might need to check that they Are secure. His spine. Jirka whips Roman’s buttocks and back. Then he’s Roman lay down And drips a few hot wax on his torso. Roman yells because the wax lands on His sexy body. Jirka keeps on using the wax till Roman’s hot chest is Coated inside. Then now is the time to inspect Roman’s buttocks. He’s moved onto His knees and Jirka is rapidly assessing the tight hole, pushing a finger deep inside. He then chooses a dildo and functions that into Roman’s hole, The dildo is substituted by a extent which goes in Real well and allows Jirka appear inside. Next up is a larger dildo, which The tube goes To his pit and his ass has stuffed with liquid. After the tube come Outside Roman is designed to publish the liquid, which squirts from his bum. All this activity gets Jirka so sexy He gets nude too, together with his Cock stone hard. He hands Roman’s hole, then lubing it up and then destroys Roman yells as he believes Jirka’s cock Jirka needs more though. He wants to feel a thing in his hole also. So as Roman goes on his Knees Jirka sets a toy in his hole and climbs to fuck Roman Some more. Having fucked Roman for long Jirka enables him sit and wank himself. He pulls his hot cum right into Jirka’s hands and has it Wiped on his face. Jirka then finishes off himself by shooting his cum After all that activity he releases Jirka to continue his journey.

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