Fetish Scene – Str8hell – Martin, Tomas, Nikol and Hugo RAW – DUTY BOUND

Nikol invites the new arrivals to receive a drink on him, whiie he and Tomas return to learn more about the dungeon. Martin and Hugo decide to not bother with a beverage and they move down to the dungeon too. As they arrive Tomas and Nikol, both nude, catch hold of Martin and shackle him into the wall, aided by Hugo. Tomas and Nikol are already tough because they pull on Martin’s jeans down and expose his tight sexy ass. Martin fights against his shackles and certainly will do nothing to prevent his ass being spanked and groped. He spreads Martin’s lips to look at his hot hole. Subsequently Martin is turned out as the 3 horny, hard-dicked men grab and grope him. Shortly Martin’s dick is flapping around because his underwear is pulled down. The men keep catching, tickling and slapping him. Subsequently Tomas bends forward and stinks on Martin’s dick. He makes sense for Nikol to have a fantastic suck on that cock also. Then it’s Hugo’s turn to suck on the cock. His own dick is really hard as he stinks. Once more sucking Martin’s legs have been pulled to the air, resting against Tomas’ shoulders as he drops the tight ass with his enormous erection. Nikol wants some of the ass and chooses Tomas’ place, his fat cock slipping easily into Martin’s hole. Subsequently Martin is bent over for more cock. Nikol’s dick rams in and from the bum as Tomas encouranges him. Martin is flipped, on his back for much more profound, challenging, fucking. Nikol is prepared to take his load and pulls from Martin’s buttocks and to ditch his hot cum. Subsequently Hugo takes over, he fucks Martin profound also. Shortly his cum is prepared too and he shoots it all over Martin’s balls and cock. Tomas is adjacent. After all that fucking Martin is permitted to wank himself till he also provides his hot cream.

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