Fetish Scene – STR8Hell – Andrej Lasak – HOT ASS

Andrej Lasak seems so alluring as he lays across the couch feeling his entire body. He He then moves onto His knees, pushing down his sleeves and shows his bum. He reaches back That gap appears so Inviting as he pulls the buttocks cheeks. A helping hands arrives and Starts to feel that hot ass, dripping a few oil on it. The palms Disperse the oil on the buttocks and on the tight hole. Fingers rub over The hole also. A finger shortly slips deep within that hole, All of the way Into the knuckle. The sexy hole opens up nicely to shoot the fingering as it fucks him. Then They’re replaced with a fine, fat, dildo which Fucks Andrej’s buttocks. The dildo really moves the gap goes and wide in deep. It’s pulled out and then pushed in again. The buttocks cheeks are Sucked out and in as the dildo fucks the sexy hole. Lifts his thighs to keep that hot ass in perspective. His penis is oiled and Another dildo is slipped To the hole and begins to fuck because his penis is wanked. That Cock is large and very hard since the dildo functions his hole. The first dildo Comes back and can be fucked in and out of the buttocks as Andrej’s penis is Building up to some cum shot. Shortly the sexy cum shoots outside as the dildo The creamy cum is straight in the penis coating it Superbly as the dildo proceeds to operate his tight hole. Then Andrej Goes into the shower to wash up after a excellent movie of a rather hot ass And large, fat, penis.

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