Fetish Scene – ChaosMen – Ash & Sean Peyton Edge

It’s been some time since I’ve completed an Edge video. It is challenging to discover new men who will do a number of the dream elements.

However, when Ash stated he could readily cum out of a blow job, but wasn’t sure about doing back anything, I figured I’d better get him from the seat to get a while edging.

This is a rigorous edging video, also Sean does an wonderful job keeping Ash in the edge of the chair.

1 thing that I really like to see is if a different dude makes another man cum, also Sean brings the load from him like a professional.

Despite Ash not needing to do more with a man this time, he got from The seat feeling energized and prepared to attempt more with a man. We will Need to find out exactly what ‘more’ way to him but I believe he’d fantastic to get a New man!

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