DebtDandy – 257 (DebtDandy)

DebtDandy - 257

This boy came into Prague mainly to get a new girlfriend. I could see that he did not have a lot of luck up to now. Only man who was ready to sleep with me was me. The boy wasn’t so pleased about it needed 10 000 until tomorrow and that I had been his only real hope. Otherwise he’d shed his bicycle along with the landlady could kick him off. Our man did not understand what he got himself into. He recognized what he’d when my penis was balls deep inside his tight tight and sensitive asshole. The boy moaned like a bitch. He did not request more cash so that I simply kept loving inexpensive sex with a cute teenaged virgin. Do not feel too awful for himhe left it . But I am certain his bum hurt for a couple of days.


scrin_DebtDandy - 257

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