David Mannix & Joel Tamir – Puppy Love, Sc.1 (Staxus)

David Mannix & Joel Tamir - Puppy Love, Sc.1

Can there be anything more cute than a pup? Joel Tamir does not appear to believe so throughout the somewhat peculiar opening of the terrific vignette; however, it immediately becomes evident that his fondness for cuteness is not just restricted to youthful canines. In actuality, he is quite tight to doe-eyed teenagers too. When his furry pal magically morphs into a fairly youthful beauty by the name of David Mannix, his enthusiasm reaches a brand-new crescendo; and of course say it is but a couple of minutes before both friends are outside of the trousers and are carrying it in turns to devour the flesh which is nestling inside. New boyMannix, particularly, is obviously bowled over from the thick, thick shaved shaft available to himas the pairing lineup to slurp 69-design for our magnificent entertainment. What many people want to view most importantly however, is Mannix’s tight little virgin pucker obtaining a fantastic thumping from Tamir’s monstrous ramrod — and think, this scene does not leave us frustrated. In actuality, there is a clearly thin line between pain and pleasure because the child has hammered in a succession of places; culminating at the sight of the gaping slit, until both friends ditch deep, richly-deserved heaps!

David Mannix , Joel Tamir

scrin_David Mannix & Joel Tamir - Puppy Love, Sc.1

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