Dale Madden and Tomas Salek (UKNakedMen)

Dale Madden and Tomas Salek

Yum, Yum, Yum, they are, if you luv’em we deliver’em back to get longer helping of salty, salty goodness, and those two cuties have been quite popular, it is possible to see why! and they are genuine cock and cum hounds too. Big burly blonde Dale and lithe, hot, Matinee-idol-good-looking Tomas are from the locker area, one of the fug of hormones and sweaty jocks, its similar to catnip to those research gents. Dale is about Tomas just like a starving person, sniffing, snuffling and slurping on this succulent joint. The boys have been sexed up and Tomas is spreading the lips to start up his hungry hole and accept that tough, uncircumcised dick, he is completely cock-mad and bends upwards, straddles and bounces whatever to acquire every throbbing inch of sexy dickup his bareback hole!

Dale Madden , Tomas Salek

scrin_Dale Madden and Tomas Salek

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