Colt (CorbinFisher)


We have been filming men for 11 decades (we filmed men for an entire year to develop some stuff before launch the website 10 years back ) and have experienced millions of men before our cameras. Even after most of the amazingly hot men who’ve come through our doors, I find myself weak in the knees having particular new ones, also Colt are one of these! Following Pete and I invested a while round Colt, we all found ourselves saying the identical thing – it is like Cain and Reed had a baby! If a man strikes us as a combination between these two, then you understand we are off to a fantastic start! Colt is youthful, ripped, and sexy as hell. You will also notice, immediately, that he is soft-spoken and very friendly. His demeanor and voice need to be just two of the strangest things about himand that is saying a little how sexy every other piece of him is! He is athletic, works outside, also has a fantastic body. If Pete asks him what his favourite part of his body ishe sheepishly says and laughs,”My dick”. Thus, will his dick stand out much in comparison to the remainder of the body? It most certainly does!



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