CollegeDudes – Conner Mason & Devin Adams

Both of these attractive men lock lips and trade some bears before Conner gets on his legs and getting Devin’s lengthy base in his mouth as Devin Adams come down. The longer Conner performs that penis together with his language, when he’s difficult as fuck he gets Conner about the mattress and hurts his button and the larger Devin develops, licking his balls and deepthroating it moans for more of this mouth that is experienced. While Devin’s gotten a load of this penis he flips over Conner and moves for that butt, rimming pit after which pressing his hard penis involved with it, allowing his prick gradually load up Conner until his ass is extended around Devin’s width. He pounds his associate into Conner, fucking him difficult as Conner’s ass bounces after which they change placement so when Conner gets on his butt, thighs spread and Devin’s penis between them, he launches an enormous weight and Devin busts a fan also, arriving hard as he falls his cum throughout Conner!

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