ColbysCrew – Colby Jansen & Mike Stallone – Cabin Buddies, Part 3

Colby Jansen has discovered a minute for himself. Together with mounds of powder-white Spring serving as a pristine backdrop, he is relaxing at the spa. Sitting on the ledge of the jacuzzi, the favorite hunk, at a minute of Blissful solitude, has discovered that a small downtime to get a fantastic old wank session. Jerking his stiff cock with one hand and taking-in a bit Nipple play with another, he thinks he is lonely. Unknown to him however, In a peeping-tom-like fashion, Mick Stallone is peering via the Partially ajar washroom door, playing his very own brief-covered cock, Clearly turned on by the website of a hunky Colby jerking away. When Colby Notices he is being watched, he smiles and waves his admirer to the room. Mick requires no encouragement. Joyful he is invited he makes His way over to the spa set alongside the grand windows facing rock-hard boner. Passionately on his hunky buddy’s stiff curved cock. Mick’s gifted Capabilities as a cocksucker are garnering very the prefer as Colby moans Shifts position and takes on the part of the consummate cocksucker. Minutes pass and the heat from the rooms climbs, the air thickens and also our Sex-starved duo can not get enough of each other. Colby then straddles Either side of the bathtub while Mick sits at the water so his face is Eye-to-eye using Colby’s hairy round butthole. Mick rims off! And, After Colby’s hole is lubed with His stiff prick to Colby’s hungry crack. appreciation. He then turns the tables as Mick now produces his Ass for a fantastic thrashing. Colby fucks and lbs, becoming more extreme Since Mick begs to it more difficult; he certainly can take all of it. Mick is in bottom heaven. Since he squeals for much more, Colby can return anymore. He Pulls juices and out Mick’s hand and cock together with his jizz. Mick now takes Juice in jets, drenching his cum-splashed tight hairy belly.

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