CockSureMen – Brick Morewood Barebacks Petr Oteo

Petr Oteo is kneeling naked on a couch, his ass in the air and his finger in his hole. He yells out “anyone want to fuck me?” and later, “I need cock.” Blond stud Brick Morewood comes to the rescue. He’s going to satiate Petr’s raw needs. He starts by rimming Petr and yanking on his cock. With Petr’s hole wet with his spit, Brick drops his clothes and slides his raw cock into a begging Petr who gets barebacked doggy-style. Brick sits on the couch and Petr sucks his thick dick. Petr straddles Brick’s pole and gets fucked from below. Petr’s hard cock floats in the air, always pointing North. Brick sucks Petr properly then barebacks him in the missionary position. Petr feels out Brick’s massive chest. Brick explodes all over Petr’s balls and crack, then barebacks Petr with his wet raw cock, seeding him. Petr, happily fucked, strokes to a finish. Brick feeds Petr his own cum with his finger.

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