CockSureMen – Brick Morewood Barebacks Martin Polnak

Beefy Blonde hunk Brick Morewood and Adorable young Martin Polnak walk to Your White room with a sofa, a mirror and a display partition. They Appear About and decide it is a fantastic spot to fool around. They Cum and kiss passionately. You Will admire his Body Till you visit Brick’s cock peeking from his shorts. Martin pulls it Outside and licks Brick’s dick. meat. He spits in Martin’s rims and hole it. Wet and Prepared, Martin’s Butt takes in Brick’s raw cock. Martin moans and strokes his very own. Martin’s Butt needs a break and Brick Sucks him. Martin’s Butt relaxes till he straddles Brick mounting His cock. Martin rides up and down bareback since Brick lifts Martin’s Ass with his legs. Bareback, Martin shoots his load on the white floor. Brick pulls out Martin sits alongside Brick and they kiss.

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