Christian Matthews, Parker Logan (AlphaMales)

You know that moment when you feel like maybe you might have bitten off a bit more than you can chew? That’s exactly the situation Christian Matthews found himself in when we filmed him with Parker Logan. It was that Christian hadn’t taken a big dick before, it’s that he hadn’t been fucked in a while and although he’s been stretched out by other hung men, none seem to have gone as deep as Parker. The bearded, bald hunk offers up his cock for Christian to slobber and drool over before leaking spit into Christian’s hungry fuckhole before riding him raw. Christian is bareback fucked so profoundly and so completely, we wondered, is this it for him? Has Parker’s cock spoiled Christian for any other big-dicked bull stud? Only time will tell but for now, enjoy Christian bareback fucked to the very edge before getting seeded.

Actors: Christian Matthews, Parker Logan
Studio: AlphaMales

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