Charming Newbie… Rafael tops Dornan – Garret Dornan, Rafael Moretti

We have two treats in one day here, firstly we get 2 new boys together and secondly an exclusive peek into Kevin as his role of trainer for the new boys. It was a bit f a challange for Kevin today as he had to use his expansing (but still a little limited) English skills to talk with our newbies Rafael and Garret as they are both Hungarians. Given Kevin’s nateural charm though he manages without any major issues and we get a nice look at a first on camera training session.

Duration: 18mn 34s 496ms  Length: 798 MiB
Video:  AVC at 5 870 Kbps, 1440 x 816
Audio: AAC at 132.3 Kbps, 48.0 KHz

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