ChaosMen – Kevin Reed Solo

Kevin has completed a few solos, but nevertheless was a bit restless. But only Until the interview began. He was really quite calm and self-assured, And that I believe plays quite well to this crowd.

He’s Bi, but He likes to suck dick, and also the larger the better. Sexually, Kevin says he’s flexible, but he seems more Enjoy a Top. He may want to suck a huge cock, however, sitting on them is

Kevin gets his cock hard fast, and for just a small man, he’s got a wonderful stiff 7-inch pole. Big plump mind too!

Kevin Unloads a massive stream of cum which covers his chest. A massive river of cum Slides down the side of the body, dripping on the bedspread.

I like this man, and I believe that he will do good swapping mind with a friend!

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