Carlos Leao, Yoshi Kawasaki Massage Therapy Raw (FuckerMate)

Carlos Leao, Yoshi Kawasaki Massage Therapy Raw

Everybody knows that a great massage is obviously perfect for loosening tight muscles and also the exact same must have believed Carlos Leão if he entered the massage centre. He’d have never imagined it could end with a few of the best fucks of the own life. His masseur now is a partner our most faithful members certainly don’t forget, the Asian energy underside Yoshi Kawasaki. He knows where to place his palms, massaging every inch of their muscular ripped body which Carlos has. After all touching Yoshi finds that Carlos is tough like a rock. He can not resist wrap his lips round Carlos’ enormous cock. Our Brazilian boy does not back down and provides Yoshi that a complete service therapy, with contained bareback anal massage plus a joyful creampie at the conclusion!

Carlos Leao, Yoshi Kawasaki

scrin_Carlos Leao, Yoshi Kawasaki Massage Therapy Raw

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