Buzz (SpunkWorthy)


Buzz is a 23 y/o str8 man who is a tiny fascination in San Diego, being a native to the region. Now in school and playing with hoops on the other side, he had been told several times he must get in the porn biz. When he informed his brother and the other friend about giving it a shot, then they gave him a huge thumbs-up so that he went ahead and delivered in a program. For a great deal of men, the cameras and lights may be somewhat nerve wracking beginning. Buzz appeared to thrive on having the ability to flaunt his 8-incher at HD. At one stage during the shoot that he asked when I believed I’d jerk off watching his own movie and, obtaining a huge nod from yours actually, he appeared more excited knowing that men would be jacking off observing him. GotId adore those exhibitionist kinds! Oddly enough, Buzz hadn’t measured his prick. But that has been patched easily enough; the ol’ measuring tape was handily useful. He hardly flinched and suggested getting various other dimensions to make sure we’re getting it correctly. (wink) After cum period arrived, Buzz was working to put himself around the border. The build-up has been fairly extreme. However, if he got there, the climax seemed to go on for minutes! Buzz shot over his belly and then put there convulsing and twitching, seeing because the thick load dripped out of his penis.



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