ButtMachineBoys – Muscled hunk machine fucks his ass and shoots all over the sauna floor

However, when he realizes he is lonely, the only thing Alex is interested in is his fat cock growing between his thighs. He edges himself until pre-cum oozes in the tip, that is when Alex decides to fill his pit with a couple of toys. All of this was just foreplay prior to the muscled hunk gets on bended knee to get his first machine ever, fucking him from behind. Alex moans with delight as the machine slides out and in, pummeling his bum into utter ecstasy. To truly push Alex over the border, he stands across the Crystal Palace because it piston fucks his bum. His hard cock pops in all directions in the machine thumping away because the dial is turned up to maximum speed. Not able to hold it no more, Alex shoots a huge load all over the ground and tastes the yummy juices away from the machine.

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