ButtMachineboys – Anal Slave Shocks and Machine Fucks His Greedy Hole – David Emblem

David Emblem How many times Deprived of any enjoyment…it has been so long That he can not even recall the last time that he arrived. Depending on cum, he Finally struggles his way from his bondage, sexy as ever. The horny Slut strokes his penis as he gazes upon all of the implements that lay before him. His eye catches the electrical butt plug shining in the Dungeon light enticing David to perform. After his hole is stuffed that he cranks up the Thousands, his raging hard cock throbbing with each surge. The Lying on his He spreads his hole for a machine pushes its dildo to the boy’s pleading ass. David strokes his cock since the dildo piston’s in and Out, pounding off his prostate prepared to milk every drop of cum from his balls. Regrettably, David remains hungry and the One Thing That can Satisfy his desire is that the Crystal Palace. He measures over his fuck toy Plunges the machine indoors, cranking up the device prior to draining his Balls all around the dungeon floor.

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