BulldogPit – Unfinished Sex Business – Marco Sessions & Riley Coxx & Tyson Tyler

The boys haven’t finished with Marco Sessions just yet as he’s still tied down in the sex den. Black stud Tyson and Arab dude Riley return to submit their boy to some more assplay, and they are barely in the room before the giant dildos make an appearance, and disappearance into Marco’s butt as his legs are held high and his hole exposed and taken advantage of. Riley’s hot hairy body looks awesome as he holds Marco in place, and Tyson’s toned arms flex as he pushes Marco to the brink, showing his gaping hole to us in full view, the monster toy lubed up and sliding in and out of that smooth hole with no friction at all, leaving Marco turned on and feeding off Riley’s dick all the while. Riley wants in on the ass action and replaces that toy with his stiff dick, letting Tyson give a real mouthful of dark meat to their boy as he’s spit roasted on the mattress he’s found himself on. Edged repeatedly as Tyson holds him down and Riley lubes up his dick and strokes it up and down, building him close to orgasm but not quite letting him until he can’t take more and explodes his balls all over himself.

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