BoundGods – Jack Hunter & Jaxton Wheeler – The Rat Catcher

Following a horrible vision, ripped maritime Port Hunter discovers herself caught in a dirty bunker. Port can only just challenge like a masked attacker methods in his bondage. Works out there is a rat between the rates, and next horrible vision, Jaxton Wheeler is decided to smell the rat out. Jaxton reveals the large cock of the sea . Reluctant to stop any info, Port is subsequently shackled hooded over a chilly steel desk as Jaxton releases the flogger against his rear. Because Port will not speak, the Rat-Catcher fucks the childis mouth for that proper solution and makes out his penis. Jaxton can not be too positive, although the destined maritime shouts heis harmless. Portis large bundle torments, his 9-inch penis throbbing in the present as the sand fills. Jaxton provides a tough fucking to him before bathing the destined marine and taking out his flaming hard penis.

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