BoundGods – Ian Greene & Dominic Pacifico

Bronze Submissive God Ian Greene gets Brutally Beaten and Fucked Senseless from Hung Stud
This Is the very first time Ian Greene has gotten to experience the brutality That’s Bound Gods. His bronzed and muscle Mass body Cannot Conceal the Fact he is in over his head and frightened about the hung stud and Brutal job master Dominic Pacifico has in store for him. Right away it Is apparent that Ian will need to make the hard way each bit of Attention, validation, and enjoyment that Dominic picks to provide him or deny him. Dragging a heavy bucket that’s tied to his elongated and tender ball sack. Gradually he snakes his way into This worship at the boot of Ian licks the filth from Dominic’s boots and Expand them into perfection. The humiliation makes both of the cocks Gorge with delight. As Ian cowers in Dominic’s feet, Then he’s Repeatedly spanked with a leather harvest until his butt glows a bright red Hue of debilitating perfection. He’s hungry For stiff cock and will do ANYTHING for it. But Dominic is N’t that Simple to please. Then He saunters round the Space and Leaves Ian drag his Swollen and aching balls above the ground with the deep bucket. Pleased with Ian’s Dedication, he takes out his Gigantic cock and Rebounds it To Ian’s hungry mouth. Enabling him to deepthroat his heavenly phallus. Stiff pole, Ian is tied to a rod with tight rope bondage while his mind And shivering with horror Ian is in the center of Dominic’s muscular body. He mercilessly flogs Ian’s body, Hitting on his cock with Hint of a It’s Nearly Unbearable but he’s determined not to disappoint his masters expectations. His endurance is Honored and Dominic licks, bites, and Deep introductions Ian’s cock. The blow job lulls Ian to a false sense of Safety and the mask conceals him out of Dominic’s true objective. Together with his Guard down Dominic beats him senseless but Ian’s cock just gets tougher. When Dominic feels like he’s had enough, he flips Ian onto his Spine And straps him down to a table with company leather belts and gags him Then He mercilessly fucks Ian’s gaping asshole and Ian’s cock Teases and He begs to cum but the one thing he gets is orgasm denial. He pleads Together with his master to permit him to cum and when Dominic genuinely thinks that His servant has got it, he also permits Ian to blow his load. He strokes Ian’s swollen cock Too thick, Moist, creamy cum oozes from Ian’s ecstatic whore hole. Panting and gasping with delight, Dominic jams his cock Ian’s hungry mouth Pretended to be blessed with And Dominic delivers and Harassing his Furry Friend Servant with his never finish, thick, creamy cum. Thanks Dominic over and above, but the one thing that Dominic needs to Say is, “God son…” Ian Greene gets destroyed and butt fucked in barbarous rope and leather bondage and cums with delight!!

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