Black Panda Episode 8 The Ceremony Ken Ott & Osiris Blade (PeterFever)

Black Panda Episode 8  The Ceremony  Ken Ott & Osiris Blade

King T’Balla is prepared for its Historical Panda Ceremony to unleash the ability of this Peckeranium. Ken Ott will execute the ritual to immerse King T’Balla from the magical jizz and discover his own way by means of a fantasy quest that’ll show all of the power he will shortly maintain his imperial asses. The King’s vision attracts him back in the time to re-live the debauchery of the past couple of days together with all the Panda Brotherhood. If he comes from his trip, Ken is there to assist him together to end up the rest of the service by putting on his knees to suck on the King’s huge hard cock. T’Balla requires a flavor of Ken’s hole and extends behind the stud to consume his ass. It tastes so great that shortly T’Balla is prepared to fuck. He slides his rigid dick right into Ken’s rear door and pounds off as Ken yells out in bliss. Ken must sense T’Balla’s enormous dick even deeper and jumps to ride the penis all the way to the creamy end. T’Balla pulls out his monster of Ken’s shattered hole and pushes his load around Ken’s muscled body up. After Ken sees the wreck that the King is made, ” he traces and drops his very own pure white cum all on his abs. Can King T’Balla manage all that’s been bestowed upon him? Or can he be overrun and lose his own manner with all the fresh raw energy?

Ken Ott , Osiris Blade

scrin_Black Panda Episode 8  The Ceremony  Ken Ott & Osiris Blade

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