Big Meat Nicoli Cole, Peter Lipnik, Milos Ovcacek (KristenBjorn)

Nicoli Cole and Peter Lipnik have hooked up and are becoming acquainted with one another when Nicoli’s sexy fuck friend, Milos Ovcacek joins the celebration. Milos enters the area with a feeling of assurance and when his massive penis flops out we know why. Peter and Nicoli immediately strip off their clothes while still enjoying the series of major meat. Nicoli is starving and enormous cock is precisely what he desires. Taking the colossal cock into his hands, Nicoli gradually starts to swallow Milos’ hard cock cock. Peter moves in and starts to suck Nicoli’s straining cock carrying in his penis and pheromones. Nicoli’s specialist cock sucking abilities end up being a lot for Milos, as Milos blasts his thick load of cum around Nicoli’s tongue and lips.) Peter and Nicoli immediately move in and start to feed Milos their pounding cocks. Milos works his way from 1 penis to another, choking both cocks down his throat. Nicoli flips over and Peter starts sucking on his penis while Milos probes his pink buttocks with his hungry tongue.) With Nicoli’s ass primed for fucking the men place themselves Peter fucking Nicoli’s hungry mouth and Milos thumping his ass deep and hard. Nicoli begs for more as the men fill him penis from all directions.

Nicoli Cole, Peter Lipnik, Milos Ovcacek

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