Big Dick Fantasies Tom Bentley & Elye Black (NextDoorBuddies)

Big Dick Fantasies  Tom Bentley & Elye Black

When Elye Black sees the ensemble Tom Bentley has when he answers the door, his dick appeared awake. Recognizing Tom’s teasing strategies, Elye may inform Tom is prepared for a nice hard fuck. Fortunately, Elye is just the man for the work, so after the both of them leave it stand alone, Elye slides his hand involving Tom’s legs from beneath, fingering his fracture Tom’s tight little panties. Elye rips them down and plunges his tongue deep to Tom’s hole, spreading his legs wide as he strikes and strokes Tom’s cock. Elye his stone hard and can not wait for lb Tom’s best butt, so that he leads him to the bedroom and also spreads him broad, slipping his bareback cock deep inside Tom’s waiting hole. ) Tom yells as he is penetrated, yanking himself Elye meets him with his thick meat. Elye lbs Tom from supporting, beating his tight little butt before allowing Tom mount him. He climbs off and off against the bottom of Elye’s penis, taking the entire amount of it as strong as it could go because he cums all over himself by the feeling. Eyle feels that the squirt of Tom’s suck and loses his advantage, yanking and draining himself Tom’s raw dogged hole, even since the both of them laugh in their new discovered secret.Enjoy!

Tom Bentley , Elye Black

scrin_Big Dick Fantasies  Tom Bentley & Elye Black

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